Webinar: Creating more value for your company and your business through networking

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On Wednesday 20 May 2020 ExxonMobil will be hosting a webinar in collaboration with Gastech to discuss how you can create more value for your company and business through networking.

Connecting to the expertise, innovation, influence and collaborators across the LNG value chain can help elevate your ability to collaborate, innovate and deliver value to make a difference in this business. The webinar panel will include players in the LNG value chain who have been recognized through the Power Play Awards for their accomplishments in professionalism, leadership and business value impact. They will discuss how they have been able to develop professional relationships and build bridges to deliver value to their companies, their careers and the overall LNG value chain.

What you will learn during this webinar:

  1. How to find advice, guidance and support 
  2. The importance of mentorship and role models

  3. The role that women play in making a difference in companies
  4. How professional relationships with other women impact the LNG value chain

Join the panel and ensure to take part in the Q&A at the end.


Speakers include:

Clair Hebert Marceaux, PCED
Port Director,
Cameron Parish Port, Harbor and Terminal District

Evelyn Liang Shangxuan
GM of Supply and Transportation Department
Guangdong Dapeng LNG Co. Ltd

Sarah Bairstow
Chief Commercial Officer
Mexico Pacific Limited

Sarah Soon
Project Manager
BW Group

Hosted by:

Jenny Kelly
Conference Director