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  • Contributed by: Henrik Austgulen, Co-Founder, Dreifa Energy
  • Contributed by: Jostein Ueland, Co-Founder, Dreifa Energy
Global LNG supply is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate from 340 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) in 2016 to 486 mtpa in 2021, up 43%.
  • Interview with Eduardo Perez Orue, Owner and Principal Consultant, Small LNG Shipping Consultants
With numerous drivers leading the developments of small scale LNG projects around the world, the evolving technology could help solve many of the energy challenges in developing and emerging countries. 
  • Contributed by: Randall Mohammed, Vice President of Energy Solutions, Ahart Solutions International
At Ahart Solutions International, we envision a future where natural gas will play a major role in our energy mix.
  • Contributed by: Jose M Ruiz Anton, Head of LNG Bunkering Development, Gas Natural Fenosa
From the 1st of January 2020, the environmental regulations of the International Maritime Organization and the European Parliament will limit sulphur emissions to 0.5%.
  • Contributed by: Adrian Del Maestro, Director, PwC Strategy&
  • Contributed by: Giorgio Biscardini, Partner, PwC Strategy&
  • Contributed by: Rafael Schmill, Director, PwC Strategy&
Small-scale liquefied natural gas (ssLNG), a niche but nascent industry that is already profitable and scalable, boasts significant potential.
  • Interview with Chris Clucas, Principal Consultant, Liquefied Gas Consultancy Ltd
Greener and cleaner fuel, lower prices and the ability to diversify supply, it is no surprise the industry is experiencing a dramatic growth in demand for small-scale LNG.
  • Contributed by: Paulo Moreira, Economist (PhD in Sustainability and Development), Universidade Aberta
Shipping plays a crucial role in enabling economic development as it responds to the needs of the organization, functioning of the economy and society as well as improving the conditions and quality of life of the population.
  • Interview with Deborah Turner, Director LNG, Simpson Spence Young
In the past year, Emission Control Area (ECA) regulations have driven many decisions and developments within the LNG market and continue to do so.
  • Contributed by: Daniel Leonard, Vice President, Westmar Advisors Inc.
Newly upgraded Spirit of Vancouver Island joins Spirit of British Columbia off Tsawwassen terminal – both vessels now operating on liquefied natural gas.
  • Interview with Patrick Janssens, Vice President, Global Gas Solutions, ABS Global Gas Solutions
With many floating LNG projects looking likely to take FID this year and with the FLNG market expected to reach a capacity of 278 mtpa by 2024, it is no surprise that the evolving technology is considered to be a game changer for the liquefaction indus
  • Interview with Christopher Caswell, Director LNG and FLNG, KBR
The FLNG market size for 2016 was valued at over US$10 billion and is set to exceed 300 mtpa by 2024, reported by Global Market Insights, with increasing demand for cleaner fuel driving the global growth.
  • Contributed by: Melanie Lovatt, Finance Advisor, Poten & Partners
If all things go according to plan for the sponsors of the Fortuna project in Equatorial Guinea, three floating liquefaction (FLNG) projects will manage to complete their fundraising this year.
  • Contributed by: Eduardo Perez Orue, Owner and Principal Consultant, Small LNG Shipping Consultants
Small LNG Shipping Consultants has provided Gastech Insights with a detailed infographic providing the key facts and statistics on the small scale LNG shipping market.