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  • Interview with Ludger Hümbs, Head of Market Area Management and Business Development, Gascade
Located at the heart of Europe and an important hub for the European natural gas transport system, Gascade’s natural gas pipeline grid is approximately 2,4000 kilometres long and links customers and suppliers across Germany.
  • Contributed by: Lukas Geležauskas, Business Developer, Klaipėdos Nafta
Lithuanian LNG import levels are consistently among the lowest of the LNG importing countries due to the limited size of the Lithuanian gas and by extension, the LNG market.
  • Interview with Alexandra Ballard, General Manager, First Nations Limited Partnership
When it comes to the natural gas in Canada, there has been generally very strong support for the LNG industry from the First Nations, with one Fir
  • Interview with Paul Sullivan, Project Advisor at Steelhead LNG, Strategic Co-Chair of the Gastech Governing Body
Although Canada's gas and LNG industry has not progressed as quickly as others, 2018 is looking like it will be the year for new and exciting developments for the market.
  • Contributed by: Alex Barnes, Governmental Relations Advisor, Nord Stream 2
Nord Stream 2 will provide Europe with an additional 55 bcm/y of gas import capacity from 2019.
  • Interview with Dr Anita Orban, Vice President, Tellurian
With LNG continuing to play a bigger role in the global energy mix and with the market expected to grow approximately 5% each year, according to
  • Interview with Byng Giraud, VP, Corporate Affairs & Country Manager, Woodfibre LNG
By 2030, McKinsey has estimated the share of natural gas in the global energy mix will grow from 22% in 2016 to 23%, d
  • Interview with Dave Bennett, Director External Affairs, Fortis BC
Global gas demand is predicted to grow 1.6% each year for the next five years, as reported by the IE
  • Interview with Goran Francic, Chief Executive Officer, LNG Croatia
At the end of 2017, the EU announced the signing of a grant agreement in which it will be contributing €101.4mn into the construction of Croatia’s Krk LNG terminal, which is more than a quarter of the overall cost of the project.
  • Contributed by: Danila Bochkarev, Senior Fellow, EastWest Institute
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article solely reflect the views of the author, not of his organisation. 
  • Interview with Corrado Papa, Commercial Manager, Adriatic LNG
  • Interview with Rosario Bisbiglia, Gas Midstream, Energy Management & Optimization Director Short Term Gas Portfolio Management & Logistics, Edison
Corrado Papa, Commercial Manager at Adriatic LNG and Rosario Bisbiglia,
  • Interview with Katan Hirachand, Managing Director - Energy project finance, Société Générale
Gastech News: What factors are affecting big energy deals at the moment?
  • Contributed by: Noel Tomnay, Head Global Gas and LNG, Wood Mackenzie
In this video, Noel Tomnay, Head Global Gas and LNG at Wood Mackenzie discusses new LNG supply.
  • Interview with Fred Jones, CEO & Founder, Fairwood and Delfin LNG
  • Interview with Matthew Weil, CFO, Delfin LNG
Will floating liquefaction become the future of the gas industry? Gastech News asked Fred Jones and Matthew Weil for their thoughts on the advantages of floating liquefaction and why the U.S. is about to change the global LNG industry.
  • Interview with Delphi Sun, VP and Head of LNG Trading, Sinopec
  • Interview with Lee Seng Wai, Director of Gas Policy & Infrastructure Department, Singapore's Energy Market Authority
  • Interview with Andrew Clifton, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, SIGTTO
What can be done to support the development of the LNG industry in Asia? Watch the video and find out views of:
  • Contributed by: Richard Mason, Innovation Project Manager, Scotia Gas Networks
Great Britain (GB) is now a net importer of gas, with prices and access to supply increasingly dependent on international markets. Hence, GB gas prices exhibit volatility, given the short-term and/or spot market conditions.
  • Contributed by: Rose Klukas, Economic Development Officer, District of Kitimat
  • Contributed by: Ron Ezekiel, Partner, Fasken Martineau's Global Energy Group
According to Rose Klukas, Economic Development Officer at District of Kitimat and Ron Ezekiel, Partner at Fasken Martineau's Global Energy Group, we will see exciting developments within the Canadian LNG industry by the end of 2015.
  • Contributed by: Tom Haylock, Business Development Manager, KANFA Aragon
FLNG projects share the same key considerations of any oil and gas project, however, the order of priority of those considerations are different due to the unique characteristics of FLNG.