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  • Interview with Dr Arnt Baer, Head of Politics and Associations, Gelsenwasser
Since the liberalisation of the European gas markets, policy analysts agree the EU gas markets have radically evolved.
  • Interview with Menzie McEachern, Director, Mineral and Petroleum Resources, Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, Government of Northwest Territories
As Canada's gas and LNG industry continues to take steps closer towards competing in the global market, it is not just new projects we must keep our eye on, but also new governments and regions who are keen to grow their LNG presence. 
  • Interview with Dr Timm Kehler, Chairman, Zukunft ERDGAS
As the EU’s energy mix evolves, the share of natural gas continues to increase from 24% in 2016 to 27% by 2040, as reported in
  • Interview with Craig Henderson, Hydrocarbons Sector Lead, SEA & China, Advisian, WorleyParsons Group
With the global demand for LNG continuing to grow, the window of opportunity is moving closer to Canada’s natural gas and LNG industry.
  • Interview with Phil Germuth, Mayor, District of Kitimat
As Canada’s natural gas and LNG industry continues to keep gas players on the edge of their seat; so far in 2018, the market has welcomed some very positive developments which could drastically change Canada’s industry as we know it.
  • Contributed by: Alex Shinkarovsky, Business Development / Operations, AltHub
Setting a model for small-scale importing markets, the Jamaican government and its electric utility monopoly Jamaica Public Services (JPS) have worked closely and effectively with a single private partner, U.S.-based New Fortress Energy (NFE), to rapid
  • Contributed by: François-Guilhem Vaissier, Partner, White & Case LLP
  • Contributed by: Renaud Nething, Associate, White & Case LLP
To meet the growing demand for electricity and address specific issues arising from the significant expansion of renewable energy, the Kingdom of Morocco has decided to diversify its generation mix by increasing the use of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”)
  • Contributed by: Marek Elert, Senior Coordinator, LNG Developments Unit, GAZ-SYSTEM
In both the 2017 and 2018 British Petroleum (BP) Energy Outlook’s the reports suggested that the global LNG trade through maritime routes would gr
  • Contributed by: Leyre de Adrian, Global LNG Origination and Operations Director, Naturgy
We are in a critical transition period where global energy demand is growing fast, and the world is moving towards cleaner energy sources.