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  • Contributed by: Erik Mouillé, Chief Executive Officer, Naoden
For decades, energy systems have been mainly focused on major plants and intensive distribution networks.
  • Contributed by: Ajay Batra, Co-Founder and President, Redwood Markets
  • Contributed by: Dan Zastawny, Co-Founder and Senior Vice-President, Redwood Markets
What will it take to have a liquid market for LNG, and why is it important? 
  • Contributed by: Giles Farrer, Research Director for Global Gas and LNG Supply, Wood Mackenzie
New LNG supply needs to be developed… fast. But which projects are best placed to proceed? There's a lot of competition out there as the number of proposed projects outweighs demand.
  • Interview with Maggie Seeliger, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, SNC-Lavalin
It is more important than ever to start shining a spotlight on diversity within the energy industry.
  • Interview with Dr Carole Nakhle, Chief Executive Officer, Crystol Energy
As the gas industry continues to be exposed to new market dynamics and innovations, energy players are also experiencing development within the workforce.
  • Contributed by: Nick Browne, Director - Asian Gas & LNG Research, Wood Mackenzie
At last count four separate project developers are proposing LNG import terminals in Australia. These come just as Australia is ramping up LNG production to overtake Qatar as the world's largest LNG exporter. So what is going on?
  • Interview with Ruth Cairnie, Chair, POWERful Women
Back in 2015 the paper ‘Igniting Change – Building the pipeline of female leaders in energy’ highlighted that only 5% of executive board seats within the top UK-based energy companies are held by women.
  • Contributed by: Mabel Leung, President, China Gas Marketing, ExxonMobil
Providing affordable energy to support prosperity while reducing environmental impacts – including the risks of climate change – is our industry’s dual challenge.
  • Contributed by: Leyre de Adrian, Global LNG Origination and Operations Director, Naturgy
We are in a critical transition period where global energy demand is growing fast, and the world is moving towards cleaner energy sources.