Webinar Recording: Diversity & Inclusion in Energy – Strategies for an industry moving towards equality

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Listen back to the Gastalk webinar with Tracy LothianSenior Vice President Rovuma LNG Marketing, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, Lisa Glatch, Chief Operating Officer, Sempra LNG and our host Jenny Kelly, Conference Director - Gastech, dmg events.

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Interview with Ray Dempsey, Chief Diversity Officer, BP at Gastech 2019

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Gastech Insights sat down with Ray Dempsey, Chief Diversity Officer, BP at Gastech 2019 in Houston to discuss how BP fosters diversity and inclusion and the changes needed to better nurture and retain diverse talent in the energy industry.

All Power to the Power Play

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Our world is in the midst of a transformative shift. In terms of our energy, LNG is emerging as a key source in our future. At the same time, in society, diverse populations are making greater contributions to the way we all live. In our industry, for instance, more women are achieving at higher levels than ever before. And with those advancements, women are bringing greater value to the LNG industry, providing experience, knowledge, education and viewpoints that are enhancing our businesses, our communities and our energy future.