Natural Gas as a Transport Fuel

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Natural Gas is replacing Diesel with profound implications for the energy industry

The economic and environmental advantages of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) are increasingly compelling.  Natural gas in heavy road transport has the potential to save 400 million tons of carbon emissions annually in America and Europe while reducing fuel costs by $120 billion annually once the transition from Diesel to natural gas is complete.  This transition will have huge implications for the energy industry and disrupt the transport industry. 

Interview with Bryan Cox, President & CEO of BC LNG Alliance

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Bryan Cox discusses what steps are being taken to form a unified industry narrative behind LNG as it continues to gain traction in British Columbia/Canada as well as giving his thoughts on how the industry can better promote the community benefits of LNG facilities to the public during his interview with Gastech Insights at Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference 2019.

Bryan has also contributed two articles for Gastech Insights discussing Canada's unique position to meet global demand of LNG and how to build public support for natural gas:

Interview with Mayor Ackerman, City of Fort St John

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Gastech Insights had the chance to sit down with Fort St John's Mayor, Lori Ackerman at Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference in Vancouver to discuss what LNG means for the constituents of Fort St. John and how the Government have managed to strike a balance between energy development, community representation and First Nations partnerships.

Proving the safety case for hydrogen

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More than anything, the scale of the future hydrogen society will be determined by success in managing infrastructure, safety, and perceptions. The proportion of oil and gas companies expecting to invest in hydrogen has more than doubled in the past 12 months according to New Directions, Complex Choices, DNV GL’s outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2020.

Building public support for LNG in Canada

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Natural gas has been a safe, reliable and affordable fuel for heating, cooking, transportation and electricity generation in Canada for decades. Today, it makes up roughly one-third of all energy use across the country.

While natural gas is an energy source Canadians are very comfortable with, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is still a very new concept for most of Canada. One of the focuses of the BC LNG Alliance is to increase knowledge of and build support, for LNG in Canada.

Coalition communicates importance of Canadian LNG to emissions reduction

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Canada has the potential to help the worst polluters in the world get off coal with its abundant supply of natural gas. The country’s unofficial unique brand of producing the most responsible natural gas in the world could propel Canada into the role as a significant global player in the race to mitigate greenhouse gases.

Canada’s Role as The World’s Greenest Natural Gas Supplier

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Natural gas is an important fuel in today’s world and will become even more critical in the future as humanity works to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while growing energy supply for people around the globe.  

Liquefied Natural Gas Development in Australia and Requisite Learnings for Canada

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Australia is becoming the world’s largest exporter of LNG and will be a leading natural gas exporter for decades to come. Why did Australia react so fast to the rapidly expanding global LNG business? The major reason is geographic.  All of Australia’s states and territories border the oceans, coastal terrain is conducive to large, industrial projects, and there is a long history of selling commodities to Asian markets via coastline.  As an example, Australia has supplied coal to Asian nations for decades.

Gastalk January - In conversation with the Gastech co-chairs & top tips for submitting an abstract

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Listen back to this insightful webinar focused on best practice for submitting papers to speak at Gastech 2020 in Singapore

Our Presenter this week is Gavin Sutcliffe, Chairman of the Gastech Governing Body who is joined by Gastech Co-Chairs Nick Milne and Andrew Clifton.

Topics covered: