Sempra LNG’s President talks about US LNG and the key growth opportunities for gas

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Octávio Simões, President, Sempra LNG & Midstream, Sempra Energy
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The US shale revolution began almost a decade ago and per the US Energy Administration, production has now risen to almost 50bn cubic ft/day. With gas being convenient as well as low-cost, it is replacing coal from the power sector and transforming the world’s energy markets.

Sempra LNG & Midstream leads Sempra Energy’s efforts to develop and build LNG terminals & liquefaction facilities, currently concentrating on projects in the US. Their portfolio includes a 3-train liquefaction project, Cameron LNG, as well as a natural gas liquefaction and export facility, Port Arthur LNG.

As Sempra LNG & Midstream is focused on developing infrastructure in the US, Gastech Insights spoke to the company’s President Octávio M C Simões to discover more about Sempra’s latest projects and learn what Mr Simões believes is next for US LNG exports.

Watch the video interview above to hear Mr Simões' exclusive views.

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Octávio M C Simões was one of the many expert speakers who participated at Gastech 2017, providing the audience with valuable industry knowledge on the latest developments and growth opportunities. To learn more about Gastech 2018 in Barcelona, click here.