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  • Contributed by: Nelson Bennett, Resources Reporter, Business in Vancouver
China's impressive investments in renewable energy and electric vehicles have led some anti-fossil fuel activists, as well as some economists, to warn that new pipelines and LNG plants in Canada could become stranded assets.
  • Contributed by: Paul Jeakins, Commissioner & CEO, BC Oil & Gas Commission
The Province of British Columbia (B.C.) is well positioned in Canada to provide clean energy to global markets.
  • Contributed by: Dumitru Dediu, Partner, Boston, McKinsey & Company
The European gas market has seen several shifts—driven by a milder winter, rising European LNG demand due to attractive prices in
  • Contributed by: Dr Arnt Baer, Head of Politics and Associations, Gelsenwasser
Currently, about 70 million European industrial and private customers are supplied by a gas grid 2.2 million kilometres in length. Natural gas, not only as a product, consists of various positive habits for heating, power generation and transport.
  • Contributed by: Rita Conte, Transportation and logistics specialist, Rita Conte Consulting
If the world is going to embrace an opportunity to take in natural gas as a secondary energy source for fuelling needs in the global transportation industries at the international or national levels, now is the time.
  • Contributed by: Akos Losz, Senior Research Associate, Center on Global Energy Policy
  • Contributed by: Dr Tim Boersma, Senior Research Scholar & Director of Global Natural Gas Markets, Center on Global Energy Policy
  • Contributed by: Dr Tatiana Mitrova, Fellow at Center on Global Energy Policy, Director of Skolkovo Energy Centre in Moscow
Record-high spot LNG charter rates caught markets by surprise in 2018 demonstrating that bottlenecks can emerge suddenly and unexpectedly along the entire natural gas supply chain.
  • Interview with Ed Carr, Senior Vice President LNG & Offshore - North & South America, MOL (Americas) LLC
With the industry now working towards the IMO 2050 carbon-reduction targets, gas and LNG is more and more becoming an attractive solution as a transportation fuel.
  • Contributed by: Baker Botts, Global Law Firm, Energy Sector
Each year a group of more than 20 leading Baker Botts attorneys, across the firm’s Corporate,