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Since the start of these activities in 1958, CECA has been a major player in molecular sieves and a recognized expert in the field.

Molecular sieves

Expert in molecular sieves

Siliporite® is the registered trademark of CECA’s molecular sieves.

Siliporite® is your dependable source:

  • high performance: molecular sieves used either as stand-alone solutions or packaged with other adsorbents
  • adsorption expertise in tackling your problems, designing your units and providing technical assistance
  • very large range of molecular sieves covering the full spectrum of adsorption applications


Because innovation is at the heart of CECA’s development, we anticipate your productivity challenges.

Siliporite® molecular sieves solutions for:

  • insulated glass
  • coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers
  • natural gas drying and sweetening
  • petrochemicals and refining
  • ethanol drying
  • medical oxygen concentrators (Medox)
  • industrial oxygen and hydrogen production
  • pharmaceuticals production and packaging
  • refrigeration
  • automotive

A global organization dedicated to customers’ needs

CECA’s molecular sieves experts are located close to our customers, in Europe, United States, Asia and Middle East.

Research and development

CECA’s research and development is conducted in Lacq (France).

Our research center operates a range of pilot plants mimicking our customers’ processes to fine-tune our products to their application.

These pilot units are available for tailor-made work, on a contract basis.

Visit us at http://www.cecachemicals.com/en/expertise/molecular-sieves/index.html

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