Why Canada will not miss out on LNG export opportunities

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Victor Ojeda, President, Steelhead LNG
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Interview with Victor Ojeda, President at Steelhead LNG who spoke at the Canada LNG Export Conference & Exhibition in Vancouver.

In the build up to the event we asked him to give us an update on the proposed Malahat LNG project and to share his views on executing a collaborative consultation process to maximise projects in Canada and to not miss out on LNG export opportunities to Asia.

Gastech News: Can you give us an update on your proposed Malahat LNG project?

Victor Ojeda: The proposed Malahat LNG Project consists of up to three floating liquefaction production facilities and a potential floating storage and off-loading unit (FSO). The floating liquefaction production facilities will be moored to jetties along the shoreline for the life of the proposed Project and will be supported by minor land-based infrastructure. The proposed Project is currently in the preliminary engineering stage. An export licence for the proposed Project was approved by Canada’s National Energy Board in 2015 and the industrial land for the facility is owned by the Malahat Nation, with whom Steelhead LNG has completed a Mutual Benefits Agreement and a Long-term Lease. Additionally, we are working with Northwest Pipeline to determine the feasibility of building and operating a natural gas pipeline, called the Island Gas Connector Project, to transport Canadian natural gas to the proposed Malahat LNG facility.

Gastech News: Do you believe in executing a collaborative consultation process to maximise projects?

Victor Ojeda: Steelhead LNG believes strongly in executing a comprehensive collaborative consultation process with Aboriginal groups and local stakeholders, not just because it is important to project success, but because it is the right thing to do. We are committed to early engagement with Aboriginal groups and communities in order to develop our proposed Project in a way that minimizes potential environmental, traditional and socio-economic effects and provides long-term benefits for current and future generations. This process includes considering community interests and concerns in Project planning and incorporating them into the design and development wherever possible.

Gastech News: We have recently heard that the Japanese ambassador warned Canada that delays in project development could mean losing the Asian market. What is your view? And what should Canada do to not miss that opportunity?

Victor Ojeda: With its abundant supply, proximity to Asian markets, stable political system, and currency advantages, Canada is ideally positioned to help meet the growing demand for natural gas in Asia. Seizing that opportunity requires close collaboration and cooperation between proponents, Aboriginal groups, regulators and government, along with recognition by all stakeholders that the opportunity is time-sensitive. From a proponent point of view, Steelhead LNG is pursuing these opportunities with smaller-scale floating LNG projects and a business model that provides buyers with greater contract flexibility and other benefits.

Gastech News: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Canada LNG Export Conference, and what is your final message to our readers?

Victor Ojeda: We look forward to highlighting the important role and opportunity Canada has in the global LNG sector. We also look forward to showcasing our collaboration with the Malahat Nation and how development of our proposed Project is providing and will continue to provide much needed economic opportunities for their members and other communities on Vancouver Island.

Victor Ojeda, President at Steelhead LNG participated in a panel discussion on "Minimising the risk of costly delays through executing a collaborative consultation process" at the Canada LNG Export Conference & Exhibition

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