UNECE’s Scott Foster: Promoting sustainable energy developments

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Scott Foster, Director - Sustainable Energy Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
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With more than 35 years’ experience in the energy field, Scott Foster, Director - Sustainable Energy Division at UNECE, is an expert on energy market fundamentals and market design, including analysis and assessment of the major driving forces shaping demand, supply, and price.

Speaking to Gastech News at the European Autumn Gas Conference in Geneva, Mr Foster answered our questions below:

  • What geopolitical factors are impacting the energy industry today?
  • In light of recent gas disputes in Europe, what should be done to ensure security of gas supply?
  • What are UNECE’s activities to promote sustainable energy developments?

Join the conversation: Is technology key to support sustainable energy developments? Leave your comment.

Scott Foster gave a keynote speech at the EAGC 2015 about the crucial role natural gas will play as the world strives for increasingly sustainable energy mixes. The theme for the 2016 EAGC Conference in The Hague in November 2016 is “Beyond COP-21: Rethinking European Gas within the Global Energy Mix”.

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