Titan LNG Front Runner in LNG Bunkering

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Jippe van Eijnatten, Director Business Development, Titan LNG
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Titan LNG is the proud leader for LNG bunkering in the wider ARA-region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) and has built up a track record globally by carrying out the largest LNG bunkering operations to date. Delivering LNG as fuel for over 7 years by now, Titan provides full coverage of services: providing molecules to stationary plants and developing bunkering solutions, to customer support in permitting, commissioning and business case calculations.


The growing LNG bunkering market requires solutions that increase the efficiency of the bunkering process and resemble conventional bunkering methods in order to increase adoption of the cleaner fuel. Titan LNG has developed inhouse innovative applications such as multiple truck (off)loading and the FlexFueler, Titan’s LNG bunker pontoon in operation since June 2019.

To date, the FlexFueler has an excellent safety and reliability track record, performing multiple bunkering operations per week. FlexFueler 002 is now under construction and is expected to start its operations for Antwerp at the end of the summer of this year.

Titan is now preparing for the tendering of its inhouse developed LNG bunker barge which is the natural progression of the FlexFueler and will carry up to 8000Cbm serving the larger consumers calling the ARA region.


Involved in many LNG bunkering and commissioning projects, Titan LNG is positioned as a supplier of choice for LNG. The safety track record of Titan LNG relieves permit application processes over time. Interactions with LNG users and authorities has resulted in in-depth procedural knowledge, permitting matters and technical factors affecting deliveries, not only in Europe but also elsewhere on the globe. With truck-to-ship and FlexFueler operations, Titan has a strong position in Europe in LNG bunkering, with operations performed from Northern Germany to the south of Spain. Note that Titan has performed the largest LNG bunkering operations in the world to date, supplying the Sleipnir from Heerema Marine Contractors near Sumatra in July 2019. Since then Titan has supplied the Sleipnir in Gibraltar, Cabo Verde and Trinidad and Tobago.

Titan LNG bunkering the Heerema Marine Contractors Sleipnir in Gibraltar

Providing insights into the LNG vessel  business case

It is not only the operational side where Titan LNG leads when it comes to sourcing and pricing strategy Titan is strong as well, as Titan is the largest off-taker of loading slots from LNG terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Working in close cooperation with our prospects and customers, we help to optimize sustainable choices concerning operational trading profile, tank spacing and pricing strategy.

The landscape for further growth

Currently, Titan operates in the ARA region, Germany and France and has performed LNG bunkering operation around the globe using a chartered small scale LNG carrier; Sumatra, Gibraltar, Atlantic, and the Caribbean.

FlexFueler 001 has its home in Amsterdam, from where it serves the ARA region. The FlexFueler solution is designed to operate in protected waters and harbours and can be duplicated or relocated to any port with similar conditions. FlexFueler 002 is under construction and will be operational this summer from the port of Antwerp. With its inhouse developed LNG bunker barge, Titan will be able to serve the larger consumers calling the ARA region.

Titan LNG receives expressions of interest in the FlexFueler solution and requests for bespoke solutions from various locations throughout the world. We are in close contact with ports and prospects, resulting in tailored propositions to fulfil a low-cost efficient supply of LNG and to make the required infrastructure happen.

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