Seeing Beyond The Visible...

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Safe fire and gas Ltd (SFG) are pleased to announce that at Gastech Conference & Exhibition Stand they signed an exclusive distribution Agreement with Opgal for their EYECGAS safety camera.  This product will support SFGs safety system support for their existing UK oil and gas customers in Petrochemical, Natural Gas, Biogas, Power Plants and Refinery applications. Trevor Prior, Managing Director of Safe Fire and Gas Ltd said “this product augments our existing strategy in supporting our customers with their compliance of existing and new safety legislation” Omer Yanai. Opgal , Vice President Marketing & Business Development, said “We are very excited to working with SFG as our UK distributor and serving UK customers. Francois Guerrero Opgal’s European Sales Director will continue to support SFG and the market in the UK and throughout Europe.”

 EyeCGas is a Thermal Image video camera sensitive to the Infrared, which is a band in the electromagnetic spectrum.  Gases have their own characteristic absorption lines in the IR spectrum; VOC's and others have these lines in the region of the MWIR. The use of a thermal imager adjusted to the region of interest will allow the gases to be visualized. Thermal imagers are sensitive to the absorption lines spectrum of the gases and designed to have the optical path sensitivity in correspondence with the gases in the spectrum area of interest. If a component is leaking, the emissions will absorb the IR energy, appearing as smoke black or white on the LCD screen.  The leaking gas temperature differs from the background temperature. The radiation getting to the camera is the background radiation from the background and the radiation from the gas area which obscures the background visualizing the existence of the gas.  London 8th October 2012.