Secomak Gas Boosters – Now with integrated ‘soft’ start controls for proven reliability with no additional space requirements

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Secomak Gas Boosters now come with the option of an integrated soft start control system to eliminate pressure surges which can trip the inlet pressure switch. The system regulates the speed of the motor by slowing the ramp up time by 8 seconds.

The system is now integrated into the current control box to minimise space requirements and all new models can be fully retrofitted on-site.

The Gas Booster is a high performance centrifugal fan designed to increase gas pressures by up to 80mbar for efficient burner operation on natural gas, town gas and biogas lines.

All Secomak Gas Boosters are designed and manufactured in accordance with BS 8487:2007; are compatible with all Building Management Systems; and provide value for money due to their minimal maintenance requirements and low power consumption.

Secomak normally offers a quick turnaround from order to delivery on Package Boosters which come complete with all the necessary controls.. These include start/stop functions from the booster or a separate management panel, overload protection and pressure switches for the inlet and outlet of the Booster.

Secomak regards safety as a key priority, and has over 40 years of incident-free Gas Booster installations. To see how Secomak Gas Boosters can benefit you, call us today on +44 (0)208 732 1300, email us at [email protected], or visit our website at