SafeHouse Habitats open a new office in Great Yarmouth

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SafeHouse Habitats Ltd, the international safety engineering services company headquartered in Dundee, has established a presence in Great Yarmouth with a new office. Their objective is to provide additional service and support in meeting the growing demand for their services in the southern offshore sector and onshore petrochemical & gas plants.

The company, established ten years ago, has experienced significant growth and development in recent times; employing around 80 staff, with further representation via subsidiaries, partners and agents across the globe. SafeHouse has long-term plans to create further job opportunities in and around the East Anglian region and further afield as local business develops.

SafeHouse provide services to oil, gas & petrochemical industries. Their pressurised habitats are used to perform hot work (cutting, welding, grinding etc.) in areas having a potentially hazardous atmosphere due to the presence of hydrocarbons, such as oil or gas vapours. Performing hot work in these areas is extremely dangerous for workers and the surrounding environment as the heat and sparks generated can ignite hydrocarbons, leading to potentially catastrophic explosive chain reactions.

The habitat system provides an isolated atmosphere by generating an internal pressure greater than the external, preventing the ingress of hydrocarbons while stopping the egress of hot sparks etc. This system effectively controls and reduces risks, while providing further options for operators and contractors while planning for maintenance and project work.

Business Development/Operations Engineer for SafeHouse in Great Yarmouth, Andrew Cossey said “Our aim is to progressively develop our services as far as is practicable so that we can
provide the safest possible working environment for personnel carrying out hot work in industry.”

The new office opened in September, located at Great Yarmouth’s Gapton Hall Industrial Estate.

Contact:              Andrew Cossey

Telephone:          01493 658564

Email:                   [email protected]