Exploring the changing global gas and LNG industry with Repsol

Maria Victoria Zingoni's picture
Maria Victoria Zingoni, Executive Managing Director of Downstream, Repsol
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Natural gas demand is expected to grow faster than oil or coal, helped by the rapid growth of liquefied natural gas increasing the accessibility of gas across the globe.

Repsol is an integrated energy company present across the entire hydrocarbon value chain; with natural gas as very important part in their growing portfolio. Boasting projects in North America, Latin America and Southeast Asia, 65% of Repsol’s production can be accounted for by gas.

As Repsol is playing a fundamental part in bringing more natural gas into the global energy mix, Gastech Insights interviewed Executive Managing Director of Downstream, Maria Victoria Zingoni, to learn more about Repsol’s forecast of natural gas and LNG as well as what is needed to support the growth.

Watch the video above to hear Ms Zingoni’s knowledgeable views.

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