Reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality: Wood Mackenzie on gas' benefits

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Noel Tomnay, Head, EMEARC Gas and LNG Consulting, Wood Mackenzie
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It has been stated by many industry players that natural gas is at the very heart of the energy transition, with the CEO of ENGIE stating “gas is now central to the energy revolution we are living through”. With new technologies being developed and new policies coming into play, the whole industry is aiding in promoting the true potential of gas and its effectiveness as a partner for renewables.

With Gastech 2018 taking place 17-20 September in Barcelona fast approaching, Gastech Insights spoke with leading research and consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie to find out about natural gas’ role within the energy transition.

Watch the full video interview with Noel Tomnay, Head, EMEARC Gas and LNG Consulting to hear expert industry insights.

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