Q&A with Naftogaz on Russian gas and Ukraine’s security of supply

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Yuriy Vitrenko, Managing Director - International Business Development, Naftogaz of Ukraine
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Speaking to Gastech News at the EAGC in Geneva, Yuriy Vitrenko, Managing Director – International Business Development at Naftogaz of Ukraine, shared his views on natural gas in Ukraine and answered our questions below:

  • In light of recent gas disputes, what are Ukraine’s strategies to diversify its gas supply from Russia’s gas?
  • In terms of regulations and legislative initiatives, how is the government changing the tax regime and other schemes to ensure security of supply in Ukraine?
  • An update on Ukraine’s talks with Russia: How are the negotiations with Gazprom proceeding?
  • What lessons can the global gas industry learn from Ukraine’s experience?

Do you agree with Mr Vitrenko? Watch the video interview and let us know your views.

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