Q&A with ABS: U.S LNG exports to change the global gas market dynamics

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Bill Sember, Senior Advisor Gas Sector, ABS
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A focus on U.S LNG with Bill Sember, Senior Advisor Gas Sector, ABS.

Gastech News asked Bill to discuss how U.S liquefaction export projects can change the global gas business and what the key challenges to accelerate the use of LNG as a marine fuel are. Watch the video to find out his views.

Bill Sember mentioned the importance of the Panama Canal expansion. US gas companies are planning to transit through the canal to reach Asian countries, but will the expanded Canal accommodate the increasing traffic of LNG vessels? Let us know your views below.

Thursday 29th October, 14:10 - Bill Sember will chair the session on "FLNG Innovation, with Containment & Storage" at Gastech Singapore. Follow the banner for more information on how you can attend the conference.

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