Interview with Tokyo Gas: Japan’s LNG suppliers, key projects and LNG cooperation

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Shigeru Muraki, Executive Advisor, Tokyo Gas
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In this exclusive interview, Shigeru Muraki, Executive Advisor at Tokyo Gas shares his views on Japan’s role in the global LNG market and discusses Japan’s potential suppliers such as the US, Canada and Russia. Here are the questions we asked Mr. Shigeru Muraki:

  • What LNG export projects will be fundamental to supply LNG to Japan?
  • Will final agreed Panama Canal tariffs impact Japanese energy customer’s appeal to US Gulf of Mexico LNG, or would Japan prefer East Coast/Alaskan LNG supply?
  • What is the likelihood of Japan developing the proposed Eastern Gas Pipeline from Russia down to the east coast of Japan?
  • Time for cooperation – How can buyers and international players work together to meet Japan’s increasing energy demand?

Join the Conversation: What LNG export projects will be fundamental to supply LNG to Japan? Leave your comment below.

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