Interview with BG Group’s Arnaud Dubois-Denis: “Asia will remain the key market for LNG”

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Arnaud Dubois-Denis, Former General Manager, BG Singapore Gas Marketing
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In this video interview, Gastech News asks Arnaud Dubois-Denis, General Manager, BG Singapore Gas Marketing:

  • How has BG Group’s LNG model changed over the last 30 years in Asia Pacific?
  • What is BG’s experience operating in Singapore and what are BG’s plans for the future?
  • How will the regional gas and LNG landscape evolve by 2025?

Watch the video to find out Arnaud Dubois-Denis’ views:

According to Arnaud Dubois-Denis, “Asia will remain the key market for LNG” over the next 10 years. Do you agree? How will the industry meet Asia’s growing LNG demand in a sustainable way? Let us know your comment below.

BG Group CEO Helge Lund will address a keynote speech during Gastech Conference & Exhibition in Singapore on October 27, 2015. Click here to view the conference programme.

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