In conversation with Martin Houston: Improving European gas advocacy

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Martin Houston, Executive Vice Chairman and Co-Founder , Tellurian
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In an international energy industry career spanning 34 years Martin Houston, Co-founder of Tellurian Investments, has conducted business in over 40 countries, managing all forms of enterprise. In this video interview, conducted at the European Autumn Gas Conference in Geneva, we asked Martin Houston for his thoughts on gas advocacy in Europe and how to establish closer relationships with policy makers and end users.

  • What would you say to EC regulators to support the industry?
  • What key projects will drive Europe’s natural gas industry in 2016?
  • How can natural gas more effectively prove itself as the cleanest fossil fuel particularly in comparison to coal?

Join the conversation: How can the gas industry advance gas advocacy and work together with key European and international stakeholders? Share your views below.

Martin Houston, Chairman of the European Autumn Gas Conference Executive Advisory Board, will be discussing the theme “Beyond COP-21: Rethinking European Gas without the Global Energy Mix” at the 2016 EAGC Conference in The Hague, 15-17 November 2016.

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