How the industry and First Nations engagement process has evolved from simple IBAs and what this means for the industry in the longer-term

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Dan George, Chief, Burns Lake Band
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Chief of Burns Lake Band Dan George discusses how LNG projects in Canada will ensure sustainable employment benefits beyond construction and touches on what the growing interest in equity ownership means for the First Nations communities in the long-term.

A core pillar of Canada Gas & LNG 2020 is engagement with the first nations of Canada

Leaders from First Nations communities play a central role in the preparation and creation of the conference and exhibition, be that as members of the Governing Body or through strategic event partnerships.

This ensures that not only do First Nations speakers participate in the conference as keynote speakers, chairman and panellists but also that attendance from First Nations communities is strong throughout the event.

Chief Councillors wishing to attend the event will be entitled to a complimentary VIP pass. For more information please contact the team.

Who Should Attend Canada Gas & LNG 2020

Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference successfully brings together multiple industry stakeholders from across the energy value chain, who attend the event each year to keep pace with the industry and to take advantage of the developments and global prospects Canadian gas and LNG continue to provide.

What will you learn?

  • How will the Paris Climate Accord Impact the future of Canadian exports?
  • What role will Canada play within the global gas industry
  • What steps can be made to ensure and diverse and inclusive workforce and is enough being done to ensure this?
  • How Canada is leading the way as a hub for LNG bunkering
  • Can LNG and CNG lead the way in powering vehicles fleets and powering domestic communities?