How Canada can stimulate the growth of LNG exports

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Dave Tulk, Principal, Gas Processing Management Inc
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As the global LNG industry continues to grow year-on-year, the market is experiencing an influx of new gas players. Despite numerous hurdles, Canadian LNG exports have now come online and in 2018 gas players are confident the volumes will increase. 

With the Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference taking place in Vancouver this May 14-16, Gastech Insights spoke with Dave Tulk, Executive Advisory Board Member and Principal at Gas Processing Management Inc, to hear his exclusive industry insights on the evolving market and how Canada can truly maximise their potential. 

Gastech Insights: As the demand for natural gas as a fuel continues to rise, what can gas players do to stimulate this continued growth?

Dave Tulk: The demand for natural gas continues to rise driven in North America by the increasing LNG exports from the US and gas used in power generation. The problem for Canadian gas producers is that the US is continuing to bring on large volumes of new gas supply and Canadian gas is having trouble competing. An article by RBN gives a good flavour of what is happening.

I believe to stimulate growth, Canadian gas players have to get large volumes of LNG exports going off the west coast of Canada as our traditional, and only, export market, as the US no longer needs our (Canadian) gas.

Gastech Insights: What technological advances are available to enable efficient monetisation of gas resources and how can these be utilised in Canada?

Dave Tulk: Gas/oil producers in both Canada and the US have been driving down their costs and improving productivity in unconventional gas and oil production (horizontal drilling and fracking).  This has caused the paradigm change in North America oil and gas production that is fundamentally changing the worlds energy supply/demand balances.

Gastech Insights: With an abundance of natural gas and an ideal location, how can Canada truly utilise their strengths to successfully develop the gas market?

Dave Tulk: We have to get LNG exports going off the BC coast to serve the Asian LNG market. In our view, this will require the focused efforts of the:

  • Provincial and Federal Governments
  • First Nations
  • Gas industry players

Gastech Insights: Why should industry players attend the Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference in May?

Dave Tulk: I look forward to the event this May in Vancouver as attendees can gain a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges in developing LNG exports off the west coast of Canada, from key market experts. 

The Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference, taking place 14-16 May, will bring together the entire Canadian gas value chain from producers and midstream players to international buyers and government figureheads. Book your place today.