Gas & LNG in Review: June 2017

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29th June saw the broadcast of the 4th Gastalk webinar featuring presenter Susan Sakmar, Author and visiting Law Professor at The University of Houston Law Centre and the views of Wood Mackenzie’s Edi Saputra, Senior Expert Gas and Power. If you missed out, take a look at our highlights below.

Commenting on “BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2017”, LNG Global, Mr Saputra said:“Asia Pacific will continue to be the main driver of the growth, but interestingly BP has downgraded its growth assumption for China compared to the 2016 outlook as the country rebalances its economy. BP has now shifted some of the growth focus to India and emerging Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Vietnam.”

Another interesting story discussed by our gas specialists was published by LNG World News: “BP inks Indonesia LNG supply deal”. Why is this deal so significant? Mr Saputra explained that “it shows that the traditional contracting still holds in Indonesia and in some other emerging Asian countries where the demand is robust and the market is still relatively integrated with national energy or utility companies like PLN acting as the single buyer.”

Moving on to the story everyone has been discussing for the past month, Reuters reports “Qatar Petroleum says business as usual despite diplomatic rift”. Talking about this significant event, Susan Sakmar asked Edi whether the dispute could impact LNG trade. He answered: “Qatar is the world’s largest LNG producer, so this issue is very crucial to the global LNG market. However, so far the impact has been very limited and the reaction from the market has been quite muted, with little sign of panic in terms of changes in LNG prices and freight rates.”

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