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Geotech is new to Gastech with new tunable diode laser (TDL) gas analysers.

TDL gas analyser: New from Geotech is a range of gas analysers which are set to overcome traditional problems of cross-gas contamination, poor reliability or broken data streams.  They precisely analyse gas streams in real time with TDL absorption spectroscopy and benefit from Geotech’s 23 years of successful development of hydrocarbon gas analysis techniques and technology.  Gases include low level methane down to 1ppm, methane in the 0-100% range and carbon dioxide from 0-100%. Versions for oxygen and hydrogen sulphide are also in development. The TDL technology is self-referencing, making it inherently stable with no drift over time. The analysers do not require routine calibration, need no consumables and need no attention for a minimum of two years giving very low running costs . Reliability, high precision and fast response times make TDL absorption spectroscopy a very attractive option for many applications including instantaneous leak detection and process gas analysis.

Revolution in air quality monitoring: Continuous sampling of perimeter air quality or contamination is the role of the Geotech AQMesh wireless air quality monitor.  This high sensitivity (ppb) air pollution monitoring system is designed to work through a network of arrayed monitors to measure nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, humidity and atmospheric pressure. The AQMesh is battery powered and transmits data wirelessly via cloud computing for easy remote access. By giving a wider picture of air quality issues than is possible using a large, centralised analyser, the AQMesh will bring benefits in understanding the causes of pollution and taking measures to improve problem areas.


The Geotech tunable laser diode gas analysis cell does not need routine calibration


Editors Notes
Geotech has 23 years of experience in the development of gas analysis techniques in hydrocarbon markets and innovations in gas analysis. Combining investment in in-house R&D expertise with academic collaboration and partnerships, Geotech continues to stay at the innovation forefront. New, cost-effective monitoring techniques using tunable diode laser spectroscopy offer total selectivity for the target gas, near-zero maintenance requirements, high accuracy, and a self-referencing, non-drifting sensor.  AQMesh revolutionises the capability to monitor site perimeters with great sensitivity, accuracy and wireless communications.

Geotech is the market leading manufacturer and supplier of portable and fixed landfill gas analysers and biogas analysers. Around the world, Geotech gas analysers are rapidly becoming even more important with the growing focus on renewable energy from gas produced in anaerobic digestion and landfill sites.

Gas analysis is only part of a full range of environmental monitoring equipment that Geotech supplies, including groundwater sampling and monitoring instruments, pneumatic pumps for leachate control and remediation processes, as well as CO2 monitors and N2O monitors for the laboratory and medical industries.

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