Exclusive interview with BG CEO Helge Lund: Gas, LNG and his company's main projects

Helge Lund's picture
Helge Lund, Former CEO, BG Group
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In this exclusive interview, conducted at Gastech, we had the pleasure of talking with BG Group's Chief Executive Helge Lund. Mr Lund answered our questions:

  • How can natural gas remain competitive in a growing world demanding cheap energy, and how can gas convince the public of its lower carbon credentials?
  • How do you see the future of the LNG industry in the next 3 years?
  • Which projects do you consider fundamental for BG Group, and why?

BG CEO Helge Lund spoke at Gastech 2015 about the role of gas in the energy mix and the future of the industry - View article: BG’s Lund sees “the end of boom and bust”. How can gas remain competitive? Leave a comment below.

Find out more about next year’s event: Gastech Japan 2017.

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