CEO of Enagás explains the role of Spain in the global gas business

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Marcelino Oreja, CEO, Enagás
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The LNG trade is changing to meet the evolving needs of buyers, including shorter-term and lower-volume contracts, and by 2021 the global gas market is expected to have 55% more LNG than in 2015. Offering liquidity and available regasification capacity, Europe is set to absorb a large proportion of the new supply.

Enagás is Spain’s leading natural gas transmission company with 11,000km of gas pipeline, 6 LNG terminals and 3 underground storage facilities in Spain alone. The midstream company, with almost 50 years of experience, expanded globally 6 years ago to South America with plans for further growth. 

Given its geographic location, capacity and operating flexibility, Spain stands out as the European gateway for LNG arriving from all over the world. Gastech Insights spoke to the CEO of Enagás, Marcelino Oreja, to discover more about Enagás’ fundamental projects and what should be done to establish a stronger LNG market in Europe.  

Watch the full interview with CEO Marcelino Oreja in the video above.

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As the world’s largest global gas and LNG event, Gastech 2018, will be held in Barcelona with Enagás as one of the stand-out Consortium Members. Find out more about the Spanish Gastech Consortium.