ELSE - "definitely worth a download"

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Our modular design program "ELSE" supports the planner in the detailed engineering of pipe supports. "ELSE" will help the user to plan efficiently and economically, and furthermore increases the quality of the planning.

Working with this program is simple and user friendly. "ELSE" guides the user through a dialog system, assisting them by means of a straightforward, graphical, user interface. It displays only logical support combinations and those which coincide with the input requirements. "ELSE" is a valuable and reliable help for beginners and inexperienced users in the support construction. "ELSE" helps you to reduce cycle time and gives you an additional increase of quality in your projects.

Other program features are: the output of 2-D drawings with part lists; documentation in various languages – with a simple switch, also in retrospect; the creation of collecting bills and order proposals.

“ELSE” gives you the opportunity to export your data to PDMS. With the help of the Hesterberg PDMS parts catalog a 3D-representation of your designs can be created within your PDMS projects. All program features of PDMS, such as collision detection, are then available.

For a detailled overview and download options follow this link (opens in new window): ELSE - Modular Design Programm