eBook: Top opportunities for the European gas industry in the next 5 years

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Throughout 2017, Europe is set to retain numerous gas supply options through traditional pipelines as well as LNG imports; absorbing a large proportion of the vast new LNG supply. With Europe offering liquidity and the much needed regasification capacity, it is a time of opportunity for the developing market.

Download the eBook and discover 10 industry leaders' insightful views on:

  • Where the key natural gas growth opportunities lie within the region
  • How gas can help accomplish a fully sustainable energy supply
  • Which regulatory developments stand out in the evolving EU gas market
  • Why gas has to sell itself to the public in a much better form
  • Where significant investment is needed to allow Europe's gas industry to thrive


Contributors of this eBook include: Enagás, Energy Flux Limited, ENGIE, Gasterra, Gaz-System, International Associates of Oil and Gas Producers, Methinks Limited, RWE Supply and Trading GmbH, Tellurian and Total.

We hope that you find our most recent eBook interesting and that you will join us for exclusive insights into the changing European gas market dynamics at the European Autumn Gas Conference, Milan, 6-8 November.