eBook: Strengthening The Relationship Between Gas and Renewables

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We are in an era of energy diversification, which is why we asked 13 energy experts, “What is needed to strengthen the relationship between gas and renewables for a low-carbon economy?”

By downloading this eBook you'll discover:

  • What technology is driving and strengthening the gas-renewables relationship
  • How policymakers are using regulatory approaches to accelerate emission reductions
  • Why natural gas must be put on the decarbonisation agenda
  • What new industry possibilities the European Commission will be exploring next
  • Why it is crucial to uphold a holistic and constructive view when developing a low-carbon society


Contributors of this eBook include: FortisBC, Shell, Vitol, Electrochaea, ENGIE, DNV GL, Zukunft ERDGAS, McDermott, Biogas World, Cepsa, European Commission, MAN Energy Solutions and EDP Distribuição.

We hope to see you at Gastech and GPEX 2018 in Barcelona to continue the global industry discussions on natural gas' role within the energy mix as the global energy shift continues.