Driving the European gas industry forward, DNV GL explains

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Liv Hovem, Senior VP and Director of Europe & Africa – Oil & Gas, DNV GL
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Interview Part 2 – Liv Hovem, Senior VP and Director of Europe & Africa – Oil & Gas, DNV GL talks about innovation and how to drive the European gas industry forward.

Gastech News: Innovation: What can be done to drive the European gas industry forward?

Liv Hovem: There is no doubt that the future energy mix will be decarbonized. The gas industry needs to make sure that gas will be a strategic resource rather than a commodity in the energy mix.
And a strategic resource requires a strategic approach. The industry cannot rely on price alone to drive demand: it has to help policy makers and planners understand, anticipate and desire the non-price-related benefits of gas. These non-price-related benefits include the fact that the world is moving to distributed power generation, where gas can play a starring role.

Gas can make a critical contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goal No.7 on access to affordable and clean energy for all. As recently as the 5th of July, DNV GL gave approval in principle to IHI Corporate for its design of an innovative Floating LNG Power Station – a combination of a FSRU and a power plant. It is expected to be installed in locations where alternative onshore infrastructure is not feasible or commercially viable, and where energy demand is rapidly increasing.

From a technical perspective there are ways of deepening the friendship between gas and renewables, precisely by recognizing that gas is not just gas. Imagine a future Power-2-Gas value chain – where curtailed electrical power from offshore wind might be converted into hydrogen – which is then injected into the existing gas infrastructure.

Last but not least, the industry can continue to make strides within the optimization of maintenance and operations by smart use of data; combining and confronting unconnected sets of data can yield new insights into where and how to save costs and improve overall performance.

Gastech News: What are you most looking forward to at the EAGC conference in The Hague next week?

Liv Hovem: It is always inspirational to hear and share views on the current issues in the gas industry, so I am very much looking forward to the conference.

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Liv Hovem will be participating in a panel discussion on “Costs in the Commodity Downturn” at the European Autumn Gas Conference in The Hague next weekBook your delegate place and join leading natural gas experts.

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