DNV Clean Technology Centre and WDA launch new $130,000 safety programme for the manufacturing sector

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The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Clean Technology Centre today announced the WDA-DNV Excellence In Safety Training (WEST) programme to raise safety standards and skills for the manufacturing workforce benefitting 80 local workers over the next year.

The programme is the first collaboration between WDA and DNV to equip the Singapore manufacturing workforce with safety excellence skills which are critical in managing risks and preventing major accidents for the high value-added manufacturing sector. At times, these companies could have neglected safety and may result in dramatic loss of economic returns and social losses. The programme covers safety excellence in sectors such as Process, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Construction and Marine sectors.

“WDA is very pleased to announce the WDA-DNV Excellence in Safety Training (WEST) programme in partnership with DNV, which has a distinguished track record in risk management. The programme aims to equip a pool of safety professionals in the manufacturing sector with the capabilities to uphold safety standards and excellence in areas such as Professional Event Investigation and Causal Analysis. This is the first collaboration between WDA and DNV, and is in line with WDA’s mission of championing workforce development in Singapore,” said Ms. Julia Ng, Director of the Manufacturing and Construction Division at WDA.

DNV has organised numerous SHE trainings in the South East Asia and these trainings were well received by participants from various industries as well government agencies. We are pleased to share a quote by one of the participants, Ms. Jamie Lim, Principal Specialist from the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore: “BSCAT is a useful tool for accident investigation as it is structured and systematic.” Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) Risk Management is a key service provided by DNV globally.

There are seven key areas covered under the umbrella of this service and they are risk-based decision support, management systems and performance measures, environmental models and management, emergency planning and accident investigation, advanced simulation and modelling, human factors and safety culture and operational safety. The key current issue in SHE is one that has been persistent for over 20 years – reducing the number of major accident events. Highly publicised major accidents both onshore and offshore demonstrate that industry successes in improving occupational safety have not been mirrored in major accident performance.

Most of these accidents did not result primarily from deficient designs; rather it was inadequate operational safety not sufficiently addressing specific threats inherent in the operation. DNV applies the latest techniques to ensure that facilities are aware of all key operational and mechanical integrity requirements and that risks are rigorously controlled. “Safety Excellence is part of DNV’s DNA reflected in its purpose of Safeguarding Life, Property and the Environment” since 1864 and we at the Clean Technology Center see this as an important part of contributing towards keeping the industrial sector “clean”. We are proud to collaborate with WDA to uphold safety standards for the manufacturing workforce in Singapore”, says Dr. Sanjay C. Kuttan, Managing Director for DNV Clean Technology Centre.

Date: 16/05/2012

Author: Steven Ng, Principal manager, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

Source: http://www.dnv.com/press_area/press_releases/2012/dnv_clean_technology_centre_and_wda_launch_new_130000_safety_programme_for_the_manufacturing_sector.asp