Changing perceptions of the energy industry

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Chris Clucas, Principal Consultant, Liquefied Gas Consultancy Ltd
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As the energy industry continues to evolve, new technologies and innovations are becoming ever-present. And as the industry continues to modernise, there is a crucial need for the workforce to do the same.

Previously perceived as not appealing for young professionals, the energy industry is working hard to become more attractive to the new generation in an effort to welcome new skills and new perspectives to further grow the global industry.

Following the successful Young Gastech conference at Barcelona 2018, Gastech Insights spoke with Chris Clucas, Principal Consultant at Liquefied Gas Consultancy Ltd to hear more about the initiative and why it is so important for the industry.

If you are a student or young professional, find out more about the energy industry and how you can utilise your skills to thrive in this growing global market.