CEOs’ Views: What gas players should do to create an eco-friendly environment in Europe

René Baut's picture
René Baut, Chief Executive Officer, Gaznat SA
Gertjan Lankhorst's picture
Gertjan Lankhorst, Former CEO, GasTerra
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Speaking to Gastech News at the EAGC in Geneva, René Bautz, the Chief Executive Officer of Gaznat SA and Gertjan Lankhorst, the Chief Executive Office of GasTerra shared their views on creating an eco-friendly environment and what strategies should be adopted by gas players in Europe. Watch the video interview and let us know your thoughts below:

Gertjan Lankhorst and René Bautz spoke at the EAGC in Geneva about the role of gas in the European energy mix. Find out more about this year's EAGC in The Hague, 15-17 November.

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