Cenergy Solutions’ ANG technology delivers renewable energy worldwide

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Gary Fanger, Chief Executive Officer, Cenergy Solutions
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Cenergy Solutions has made a game-changing breakthrough in Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) technology that allows natural/biogas to be stored and transported in large quantities at low pressures which in turn significantly reduces the difficulties and expense of utilizing this abundant and renewable resource.

At oil and gas wellheads, large and small biogas plants, landfills and sewage plants, natural and biogas is vented or burned around the world. This natural resource needs to be captured, stored and utilized to replace the dirty fuels now being used to deliver the energy needed in our homes and businesses. Cenergy Solutions’ low-pressure adsorbent storage now makes it economically feasible to replace dirty fuels around the world with clean natural/biogas.

Cenergy Solutions is making advances in many areas to help the distribution of biogas for remote communities around the world. Cenergy Solutions has installed an ANG Biogas Cleaning, Storing and Utilization System at a pig farm in Thailand that has been venting biogas for over 30 years. The biogas is cleaned with Cenergy’s Biogas Upgrading System, compressed in the CS-180 compressor which fills Cenergy’s ANG tanks. The captured and cleaned biogas in these ANG tanks will be used to replace LPG usage in neighbouring homes.

This Thai farm can now utilize renewable energy to help their community be energy independent and generate income.  Cenergy has also designed an inexpensive roller system to allow their ANG tanks to be easily transported to and from the clients. They have also worked with SCG, Co. LTD to design and manufacture manifolds and regulators to be used with ANG systems. These regulators consistently deliver optimal pressure and flow of biogas that deliver a hot cooking flame that is appreciated by the users. Biogas cooking additionally does away with the smell and after taste of cooking with LPG or biomass, making it a preferred renewable energy source for cooking.

Cenergy Solutions has developed adsorbent natural gas (ANG) low pressure 40’ tank trailer that will transport up to 110,000 scf of natural or biogas at 250 psi, making it economical to fill and quickly empty as needed for many applications in the US and internationally.  In collaboration with Cenergy Biogas USA and Jarco, this new ANG tank trailer will be used to transport biogas in California. Several more ANG tank trailers are planned to be in operation before the end of the year to transport stranded well-head gas and biogas that needs to be economically moved instead of flared.

This new way of transporting natural and biogas in many cases will be much more economical than other ways of transporting gas in CNG tank trailers.

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