Canada’s skilled energy workforce ready to support LNG projects in BC

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Jon Vieth, Account Executive – Western Canada , CWB Group
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In the build up to our upcoming Canada LNG Export Conference & Exhibition in Vancouver next week, we asked Jon Vieth, Account Executive – Western Canada at CWB Group for his thoughts on the importance of a skilled workforce for the development of Canada’s LNG industry.

Gastech News: Talking about skilled workforce, will the current downturn in Canada’s traditional energy heartland bring workers from the oilsands over to new LNG projects such as LNG Canada, PNW LNG and Woodfibre LNG?

Jon Vieth: The downturn especially in Alberta could prove to be beneficial for the projects in BC as skilled workers are available and ready to work. The availability of these workers will allow for companies to move forward quicker with the projects by integrating them with the current BC workforce. For years, BC skilled labour travelled to the oilsands and other projects throughout Western Canada where work was plentiful, this can now be reversed with the LNG in BC projects as Albertan and others from various Provinces will be looking at BC as the place for employment.

With that said, in anticipation for the three projects – LNG Canada, PNW LNG and Woodfibre – companies will need to take advantage of the available labour, prepare them ahead of the contract being signed and ultimately be able to move forward quickly. The infrastructure requirements and pipelines that need to be built will need planning and preparation, not just for material needs but getting the skilled labourers hired and in place for the project, assess their job strength skills and ensuring that the best qualified are ready to perform quality workmanship when the time comes will also take time and resources. On another note, there are concerns for the timeframe to get the steel and pipe material ordered and delivered in a timely manner in order to get the project started once signed off which could be beneficial in allowing time to get the labourers in place. These are all issues that need to be addressed by the major companies to make sure that the LNG in BC projects makes all Canadians proud.

Gastech News: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Canada LNG Export Conference, and what is your final message to our readers?

Jon Vieth: I look forward to hearing and seeing from others in the industry that the LNG project will be moving forward in the not too distant future. This project could be a vital part in the overall Canadian economy by putting skilled labour back to work and replace part of the deficit created by the downturn in the oil pricing with export sales of LNG product. Canada needs the LNG Export projects sooner than later.

Mr. Jon Vieth, Account Executive – Western Canada at CWB Group will participate in a panel discussion on “Developing a skilled workforce that supports EPC for Canada’s LNG industry” at the upcoming 4th annual Canada LNG Export Conference, taking place 10-12 May in Vancouver. The event will focus on key procurement and investment issues amongst many others to offer an insight into the future of the growing Canadian LNG industry.

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