Building public support for LNG in Canada

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Bryan Cox, President and CEO, BC LNG Alliance
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Natural gas has been a safe, reliable and affordable fuel for heating, cooking, transportation and electricity generation in Canada for decades. Today, it makes up roughly one-third of all energy use across the country.

While natural gas is an energy source Canadians are very comfortable with, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is still a very new concept for most of Canada. One of the focuses of the BC LNG Alliance is to increase knowledge of and build support, for LNG in Canada.

We see LNG as a generational opportunity. For the first time, our generation has the opportunity to build a new, inclusive industry that will benefit all Canadians, for decades to come.

For the first time, the LNG industry is an industry in British Columbia that has been developed from the very beginning with indigenous peoples in British Columbia. Consultation and engagement with First Nations has resulted in the support of more than 20 First Nations bands whose traditional territories are where LNG projects and the pipelines that will deliver natural gas to them are being built or are proposed. The pipelines that will deliver natural gas to the LNG Canada and Kitimat LNG projects have the support of all 20 elected First Nations bands that the pipeline routes traverse. The Squamish Nation developed its own environmental assessment process which led to their approval of the project’s Environmental Certificates.

To build support among Canadians, our message is a positive one: LNG is our generation’s opportunity to build an industry that adds value to a resource we have been producing for over 100 years and the opportunity for Canada to provide a resource the world wants, with the lowest emissions possible while creating benefits for generations to come. Innovation and abundant clean hydro-electric power allows British Columbian LNG projects to produce LNG with at least half, or far less, the emissions of LNG produced in other countries.

Our annual polling shows that British Columbians agree. However, our work is far from done. The LNG  industry in Canada needs to continue to demonstrate that we are providing a resource the world wants, with local benefits, in a responsible and sustainable manner. The members of the BC LNG Alliance will continue to build partnerships with First Nations, provide local benefits and produce LNG with the fewest emissions possible, to help offset global emissions and play an important role combatting global climate change.


The Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference (12-14 May 2020, Vancouver) provides a unique business opportunity for Canadian Gas & LNG stakeholders to meet the local and global energy value chain, who will be showcasing the latest Natural Gas and LNG innovative technologies, equipment, products and services. 

The 8th edition of Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference (CGLNG) continues to grow in-step with the industry. As the only event of its kind, CGLNG is able to adapt and reflect the expansions taking place within the market such as the recent FID on LNG Canada and bring the full value chain together: from producers, pipeline players and LNG projects, through to transportation companies, petrochemical players and power producers from the length of Canada and the rest of the world.

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