BP discusses: Henry Hub pricing dynamics and its relevance for European markets

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Richard Wheatley, Chief Operating Manager, BP
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In light of next week’s European Autumn Gas Conference in Geneva, we asked Richard Wheatley, Chief Operating Officer at BP to share his views on Henry Hub pricing and its relevance for Europe.

Gastech News: BP Gas Marketing is leading a roundtable at the EAGC next week entitled “Henry Hub pricing dynamics and its relevance for European markets”, what is your view on this subject?

Richard Wheatley: The relevance of Henry Hub pricing becomes increasingly relevant to European Gas market participants as the seemingly inexorable rise in gas production in the US continues.

Only 10 years ago, the US was expected to become a major importer of LNG. Now, driven by production growth in shale gas, the US is on track to become the third largest exporter of LNG by 2020.

Our roundtable will be considering the implications for European players in an increasingly global market.

We’ll be considering the potential risks posed, and opportunities presented, by the changing dynamics in the global market, how we mitigate those risks and what we should be doing now to prepare ourselves to capture the opportunities.

And, as globalisation of the gas market continues apace, we might even seek to answer the question – “Should the European Autumn Gas Conference be renamed the Autumn Gas Conference in Europe?”

What are the factors that impact the pricing of Henry Hub and why could these be relevant for Europe? Leave your comments below.

Wednesday, November 18th – Chris Schemers, Head of Origination and David Maerz, Head of Global Trading Analytics at BP will discuss more about this theme at the EAGC. Join the event.

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