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Sarah Howell, Marketing Communications Manager, ExxonMobil LNG
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Our world is in the midst of a transformative shift. In terms of our energy, LNG is emerging as a key source in our future. At the same time, in society, diverse populations are making greater contributions to the way we all live. In our industry, for instance, more women are achieving at higher levels than ever before. And with those advancements, women are bringing greater value to the LNG industry, providing experience, knowledge, education and viewpoints that are enhancing our businesses, our communities and our energy future.

The Power Play initiative was launched in 2016 to recognize these advances -- to promote women and their success across the LNG industry while providing a platform to bring together people who understand the benefits of a more diverse future for the LNG industry to discuss business objectives. In fact, it was established in response to the lack of gender diversity and frustration behind how events for women were executed at various conferences.

2019 Power Play Winners & Finalists


“Power Play is an event with a refreshingly different agenda - it doesn’t focus on the challenges women face, it is more of a celebration of the women who are playing key roles in this important business,” says Tracy Lothian, senior vice president of Rovuma LNG Marketing at ExxonMobil. “With increasing numbers of women at senior levels to make a difference and change the paradigm, Power Play helps showcase these professionals and continue progress towards the possibility of achieving equal gender representation across the value chain.”

Since its start in Perth, Australia in 2016, the Power Play Initiative has seen exponential growth. This single event was the start of a movement as attendees have forged connections, developed collaborative relationships and ultimately created even more value in the LNG industry.

Power Play has even spread around the world, spotlighting the advances of women in LNG everywhere, including at more than 15 conferences and events in locations such as Tokyo, Maputo, Barcelona, Cairo, Cape Town and many more, some of which have attracted as many as 350 delegates. In 2020, Power Play is continuing at events such as Gastech in Singapore.

Power Play is all about collaboration, and as it has matured, the initiative has recognized that both men and women need to support the efforts of one another to create a more diverse future in the energy industry. In September of 2019, the Power Play momentum advanced yet again when the worldwide community of LNG professionals gathered in Houston for Gastech 2019 and the first-ever Power Play Awards.

The Power Play Awards celebrate the mounting achievements of women in LNG and honor the women making the greatest impacts on our industry, as well as the men who champion and support them.


At the ceremony in 2019, attendees met, mingled and recognized the remarkable women in the industry and their accomplishments, and in the end, three women from Mozambique, Australia and the US were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the LNG business.

The program, continuing again in 2020, consists of three awards: The Rising Star Award, The Vanguard Award and The Rainmaker Award. 

The Rising Star Award is presented to an outstanding female professional, age 35 or under. The Rainmaker Award is presented to a female professional who has delivered exceptional value and business results. The Vanguard Award is given to a male or female professional who displays outstanding leadership. 

The second annual Power Play Awards will be held at Gastech 2020 in Singapore in September. Thus far, a panel of six international judges have been selected:

  • Dena E. Wiggins, President and CEO of the Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA), United States of America
  • Phaedra Deckart, AGL Energy Limited
  • Julie Mayo, Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Monika Simões, Energy Dialogues
  • Jocelyne Machevo, Eni Rovuma Basin
  • Yang-mi Choi, Vice President and Head of Office, KOGAS Research Institute, South Korea

“Women in energy are on the rise, and there is added value created by women in the world of Upstream, particularly through the natural ability of women to network and to propel one another forward,” says Lothian. “The Power Play events facilitate the creation of these relationships, and it is actively accelerating the path to a more diverse energy future.”

For more information on Power Play initiative or to keep up-to-date on the 2020 Power Play Awards activities, visit or join the Power Play LinkedIn group at

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