AG&P: Innovating and disrupting the global natural gas value chain

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Karthik Sathyamoorthy, President, AG&P LNG Marketing
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AG&P, a global industrial infrastructure company, is shaking up the global LNG industry with a highly efficient business model that enables the delivery of better, faster and more competitive solutions to customers around the world. AG&P is reimagining the way energy infrastructure is designed and delivered through a unique gas logistics platform covering the complete LNG value chain from supply, to LNG infrastructure, and distribution direct to the end-customer. This removes complexity and speeds execution, enabling LNG-related projects to become operational quickly.

AG&P, together with its Houston-headquartered, global LNG engineering team and expert floating LNG outfit, Gas Entec, bring in-house engineering, project management, manufacturing, licensed LNG tank and handling system outfitting, construction, project development, customer marketing and operations management for LNG-related projects to its customers.

Gas Entec is one of the world’s foremost firms for the design and engineering of small- and mid-scale floating LNG solutions, with specific expertise in cargo containment and handling systems. AG&P brought Gas Entec into its operations in 2016 to strengthen its fully integrated gas logistics offering. Since then, the company has delivered designs for several landmark LNG projects around the world, including the world’s first small-scale floating regasification unit installed at Benoa Port in Bali, Indonesia, the first and only LNG bunker barge vessel in the Americas, and will soon deliver Japan’s first bunkering vessel.

Gas Entec is a global leader in LNG bunkering vessel design and construction, having delivered several firsts for the industry.

AG&P and Gas Entec have multiple LNG initiatives in play worldwide, including the development and roll-out of:

  • AG&P’s City Gas Distribution business in India, where AG&P has won long-term, exclusive concessions to connect millions of people to compressed natural gas (CNG) for their vehicles and piped natural gas (PNG) directly into their homes and businesses across 28 districts in four states in South India and Rajasthan in the west.
  • Small- and medium-scale LNG import terminals, such as AG&P’s pending terminals in Karaikal, India and elsewhere, that will provide the vital link to bring commercially attractive, convenient and safe gas to population centers that today rely on dirtier and more expensive fuels.
  • LNG applications and logistics, such as LNG delivery to end-customers by different transportation options.
  • Additional intellectual property that has made AG&P and Gas Entec leaders in the design, build, testing and commissioning of LNG bunkering vessels, floating storage and regasification (FSRUs, FRUs, FSUs and onshore variations) and LNG, dual-fuel applications for ships and other vehicles.
  • Advanced modularization and field construction services to serve global energy and commodity markets in the US, Australia, the South Pacific and Southeast Asian markets and the rapidly accelerating domestic infrastructure sector in the Philippines, where AG&P proudly owns and operates two major yard facilities, employing 4,000 people.

Gas Entec specializes in cargo handling and containment systems for small- and mid-scale LNG vessels

AG&P sees significant potential in the LNG sector and has been at the vanguard of the small- and mid-scale LNG industry, which was in its infancy just five years ago.

“We are seeing a global appetite for LNG import terminals, LNG fuel bunkering, LNG maritime break-bulking, monetization of trapped gas and new areas for city gas (piped and CNG) and LNG by truck, particularly for small- and medium-sized applications, AG&P’s strength and specialization”. Joseph Sigelman, CEO AG&P Group

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