A renewed start for LNG in B.C: An energy imperative for Canada

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Matthew Hamer, Strategic Development, Solaris Management Consultants
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As we head further into 2018, the Canadian gas and LNG industry continues to show signs of development; governments are now better supporting the industry and the growth of LNG demand in Asia provides a strong future market for the country's future exports. 

With the Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference taking place 14-16 May in Vancouver, Gastech Insights spoke with Executive Advisory Board Member and Strategic Development at Solaris Management Consultants, Matthew Hamer, to discover more about Canada's evolving LNG market and how it can truly compete in the global industry. 

Gastech Insights: How is Solaris innovating the EPC process for natural gas projects?

Matthew Hamer: Solaris has participated in two full field development studies for upstream facilities for B.C. LNG and are supporting with aspects of other LNG or gas monetisation via gas to Asia projects. Our true innovation is that we are the only hydrocarbon focused EPCM company of size in British Columbia. Other EPCMs in BC are focused on mining and infrastructure, whereas our B.C. location enables us to support LNG with a strong local presence. 

Gastech Insights: In the new global LNG market, what will it take for Canada to truly compete?  

Matthew Hamer: Our proximity to Asian markets and relative stability makes us a safe and attractive haven for investment. We need all Canadians to understand that LNG is a sovereign energy imperative for Canada and ensure that we have the full support of all levels of government. We can no longer have a single geographic market for our oil and gas products as the long-term viability of the hydrocarbon industry in Canada depends on opening new markets for export, including LNG to Asia.

Gastech Insights: What would you identify as a technological breakthrough which has dramatically influenced how energy projects run more cost-effectively?  

Matthew Hamer: We believe we are on the cusp of a digital revolution in the EPCM industry. The companies that move fastest to harness big data will be able to transform the way projects are delivered. At Solaris, we are developing some interesting new concepts that will move our business model from a pure cost-based selling model to more of a value-added model and digital technologies will enable this.

Gastech Insights: Why should industry players attend the Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference in May?

Matthew Hamer: There is a perception, even within people in the Canadian oil and gas industry – that LNG exports from B.C. are a failed dream, this, however, is far from the truth. The industry is still very active, with planning, design and regulatory work underway on several LNG export projects. We have some of the largest gas reserves anywhere, and it is very important that government, industry and our communities come together to get this gas to market.

This conference marks a bit of a renewed start for LNG in B.C., as 2018 and beyond will present many opportunities for industry in all sectors that participate in hydrocarbon project developments.

Be sure to register for the Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition & Conference taking place 14-16 May in Vancouver to hear from leading industry experts, First Nations partners and government ministers. Do not miss out and book now!

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