3 leaders’ predictions for the gas & LNG industry in Japan

Shigeru Muraki's picture
Shigeru Muraki, Executive Advisor, Tokyo Gas
Hajime Ito's picture
Hajime Ito, Executive Officer/Vice President of Americas and Russia Project Division, JAPEX
Hiroki Sato's picture
Hiroki Sato, Vice President, Fuel Procurement Department, JERA
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Watch the video below to find out three interesting predictions for the Japanese gas industry in the next three years.

Views of Shigeru Muraki, Executive Advisor at Tokyo Gas, Hiroki Sato, Vice President, Fuel Procurement Department at JERA and Hajime Ito, Executive officer/ Vice President of Americas & Russia Project Division at JAPEX.

Join the conversation: What does the future look like for natural gas in Japan? Leave your comment below.

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